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LiveMail Studio:

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LiveMail Studio:
[*] error message when no angel is selected

LiveMail Studio:
[*] fixed caption after opening file
[*] opening existing angels code rewritten
[*] fixed invalid statusbar text after changing language
[+] statusbar resizing support
[+] html angels can be opened now

LiveMail Studio:
[+] new selector for angels
[+] internationalization support added
[+] default language: english
[+] if no language is set at startup, then ask user for one

LiveMail Angel:
[+] new angel type: html-based! works both in IE and Opera

LiveMail Studio:
[+] now Playing mode works exactly as angles do - format autoapply
[+] playback rate in internal player

LiveMail Angel:
[+] new playback engine for all angels
[+] playback rate menu: right-click popup menu

Project renamed to LiveMail.

LiveMail Studio:
[*] error "1 second pause instead of real delta time" now fixed!
[*] error "focus lost when playing started" fixed

LiveMail Protocol:
[*] version 6 - revision of v5

LiveMail Angel:
[*] protocol version 6 support only
[*] Green Wave: error with mouse position fixed: it is possible to choose left-top windows

TrueMail Protocol:
[*] version 5 - new generation protocol

TrueMail Angel:
[*] protocol version 5 support only

TrueMail Studio:
[+] now Studio can operate without angels without error messages

TrueMail Protocol:
[*] version 4
[+] 'delete' key support

TrueMail Angel:
[*] protocol version 4 support only
[+] compatibility improved for 'backspace' and 'enter' keys
[+] now 'Green Wave' can be closed by pressing 'esc' key

TrueMail Studio:
[*] error fixed with 1024-char limit
[*] "remove waiting on start" error fixed

TrueMail Studio:
[*] error fixed when opening non-angel executable
[+] doubleclick in Angel Type window selects

TrueMail Studio:
[+] "apply format settings" action added
[+] cursor transitions recording mode added
[*] mouse blocked for input editor
[*] protocol v3 support added

TrueMail Protocol:
[*] version 3
[+] cursor transitions support

TrueMail Angel:
[*] protocol version 3 support only
[+] new angel: iNote

TrueMail Studio:
[-] 'delele' key disabled - not supported by protocol yet
[+] message can be extracted from angel ('open...')
[+] scrollbars added to editors

TrueMail Studio:
[+] added support for Tab key
[+] internal player
[+] timeline modes: economic (1/10s), low(1/100s), hi(1/1000s)
[+] max delay parameter
[+] status bar feature
[+] opening existing tml files
[+] pause feature
[+] editor: cut disabled
[+] editor: paste disabled
[+] editor: clear disabled
[+] menu cusimizing mechanizm
[-] "save menu layout" switch removed
[+] global popup-menu
[+] toolbars hiding support

TrueMail Protocol:
[*] version 2
[+] ultra-low-res (economic) mode added. Precision - 1/10 sec
[*] default timeline mode is ultra-low-res
[+] long-wait marker added. Size of timestamp is 2x of current resolution mode

TrueMail Angel:
[*] protocol version 2 support only