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This project is a modification of the jimm program http://jimm.sourceforge.net/ for S55 phones.

To cut a long story short, jimm is an ICQ-client for mobile phones with Java support (for a full description see the homepage).

We proudly present you a version of jimm tuned up for Siemens S55 (however, it'll run on other phones too). This version is updated in a couple of days after updating the original, so the changes appearing in original come up here.

The list of differences between the modification and the original:

  • Icons on S55 are correctly screened, though the author of original version claims it's impossible.
  • Logos and other stuff are cut out for a heap and memory space economy.
  • A free heap amount indicator is added to a contact list.
  • Localizations of the interface are cut out for a heap and memory space economy.
  • Trifles for memory requirements decrease.
There are no limits for usage/modification of this version (see http://jimm.sourceforge.net/).

(all your commentaries and wishes you can leave in the guestbook)


jimm S55 edition:
Modified source code:


jimm 0.3.1.jk
[*] some bugfixes in 0.3.1.jk version

jimm 0.3.1.jk
[*] sync to original 0.31 version

Initial jimm-jk
[*] updated to original 0.22 version