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You can get current version of input system from CVS: sourceforge.net/projects/gameengine.

Stable releases:



"Exclusive mouse" and "Exclusive keyboard" parameters added to DI8 vesrion.

Autogenerated documentation is availible for download since now.

DI8 problem with local buttons names fixed.

Problems with outputBinds() are fixed. Version is stable now!

RawDI8 system optimized: non-poll devices now works without update() method.
Also "deadzone" parameter added for axes: set gamepad.xaxis.deadzone 100.
Input object listeners added to InputSystem. They work asynchronous (if raw level supports this). Virtual buttons fixed: now they work in respect with host object.
Also outputBinds() function added to save all binds.

INPUT_GECONSOLE_SUPPORT and INPUT_GESTREAM_SUPPORT compilation switches added to improve independence of input system.

New event type added: etPrintableChar. This allows programmer to abtract from the platform and implement only hi-logic code, without processing WM_CHAR for example.

RawDI8 realization now produces such messages. Also RawDI8 supports event-based updates, so timestamps on events are much better (more precise). This works because of new cool multithread system.

Logic (virtual) input level completed. Now there is now need to know anything about keybaords etc: just creating InputSystem object, then creating one (or many) virtual input device, for example createDevice("player",axes("strafe","walk"), buttons("fire","jump")) then make severals binds (bind gamepad.x-axis player.strafe). So, now you are done: x = x + inputSys->axes("player.strafe");

RawDI8 realization is splitted into several files now. Now it's easier to read it.